Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back on an 500 MHz iMac

I haven't posted to This Old Mac in an age and then some. But here I sit at the Daily News, in front of a 500 MHz slot-loading iMac, running the iCab browser and tryingto post on Blogger. In iCab 3.03, I have to use HTML mode just to get text into the box (slowly ...)

I can't save in iCab, so I start Netscape 7. It crashes a few times. I still need to use HTML mode, and I can't even see my text in "Compose" mode. But at least in Netscape I can type in a title for the article.

While it doesn't work for Blogger, iCab is surprisingly stable in comparison. It didn't crash. And it did display the page pretty well (Netscape rendered it mostly blank). If I could -- and I just might -- I will try to dual-boot this box in Xubuntu or Yellow Dog (or maybe even Debian) and get a modern f'ing browser running.

But if you are running OS 9.2 with Netscape, HTML mode is your key to success with Blogger (and it works better than iCab).

But is anybody -- ANYBODY -- rolling a modern browser for the Classic Mac environment?

And ... I'm again astounded by how much better Blogger is than Movable Type when it comes to ... just about every-f'n-thing.