Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm getting the Mac back together again

OK, so I've been too busy with Linux and BSD in the past year and then some to do anything with the Powerbook 1400cs and System 7.6.1.

But I thought to myself, what if I could use the Powerbook as a terminal and hook it up to my Linux/OpenBSD boxes?

I figured I'd first try a serial connection. I got the cable (not sure if it's a null modem cable, so I also got a ... null modem cable and a DB9-DB25 adapter of appropriate gender), but I couldn't seem to make the Powerbook's serial port work. I think I know how to do it, but that would mean giving up use of my PowerPort Platinum PCMCIA card, through which I get Ethernet into the PB1400.

So I opted to use MacSSH and log into a Debian box that way. And it worked.

For the whole sordid tale, see the entry in my main tech blog, Click.

Looking at this blog, the PB1400 is now 12 years old. Time to change the description on the left side of the page.

And I still love Blogger, even though I now toil in the world of Movable Type. Much love for Blogger, which just works.