Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Power Mac G5

I told my mom I would start looking after her Power Mac G5 -- you know, they look like something off the original "Star Trek" set. It's about 3 years old. It's currently running 10.3.2, I believe.

First thing, I don't have the password. Her "consultant" says it doesn't have one set up. Is that possible? I'll have to check that out. When she got this box, he said her Netgear router would no longer work, and he took it and replaced it with some weird hub. I'm going to get another Netgear router -- better to have the hardware firewall AND the ability to share the Internet connection if needed.

Second thing, gotta check the memory. If it's got 512 MB, it's time for 10.4 (or for more memory and 10.4).

And we need to figure out a backup solution. Probably one of those 250 or 500 GB USB/Firewire drives.

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