Friday, October 06, 2006

If an old Mac doesn't fall into your lap

The best way to get an old Mac is a) nearby and b) for free. But if you want pick of the litter, and are willing to part with cash to do so, some will try to fleece you, thinking their obsolete hardware is actually worth something (hint: it's NOT unless a lot of work is put into it, hence this and other Web sites like it).

But there are places selling used Macs at what look like good prices.

I just came across Computer, which has this page of desktop Macs (Here's an iMac G3 700 MHz for $189) and this one of laptops. The laptops are a bit pricey, but I'm not really up on what iBooks are going for.

And for those of us in California, is in Oceanside, so that means less $$$$ shipping for locals.

If you are in the market for an iBook G3, Other World Computing has this deal running: iBook G3s from $199 to $359.

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JR said...

Just got an old G3 B & W 350mhz for £10-about $20 over here in the UK from a graphics firm who had screwed up the hard drive. I've whacked an 80gb Hitachi drive and extra RAM in and now it runs OSX 10.4.3 just fine. Only trouble is the internal modem isn't working,(although it shows up on system profiler), and my intel-mac usb modem won't work on it either,(usb 1 versus usb 2 ?)
I'm determined to get the modem working too so that I can wean my mom off her PC and get her surfing and e-mailing by Mac.