Monday, January 15, 2007

Run OS X on an older desktop or laptop

Low End Mac's Ted Hodges, who recently wrote about what kinds of older desktop Macs could run OS X, does the same today for laptops.

To run 10.3.9, he says you can do it on an iMac DV or DV + at 400 or 450 MHz, which he says you can get used for $100.

As far as laptops, he says a clamshell iBook G3/266 can do it, but I think his suggestion of an iBook G3/500 is as low as I would go. His suggestions include the 14-inch iBook G4/667, which I heartily endorse for OS X use, as our 14-inch iBook G4 (I think it's 1 GHz) runs 10.3.9 flawlessly.

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