Thursday, December 14, 2006

E-mail to Blogger, better in Beta?

(I sent this via the e-mail bridge days ago ... it bounced back to Yahoo! Mail)

Anybody who uses Blogger can pretty much see the writing (on the wall) -- the new Blogger Beta doesn't offer much more than the old Blogger.

Probably the biggest thing is the ability to change and modify templates without knocking out any minute changes you've already made. Other than that, the whole thing is pretty much a shameless boot in the ass aimed at getting all Blogger users to sign up for Google accounts and get with the mega-search company's world-domination program to use more Google services.

Since I already have a Google account and use those services, it's academic. I just wish they were actually offering something exciting in the new software (on-the-fly blog building is different, not necessarily better).

But since the e-mail-to-blogger feature sometimes works instantly, other times taking hours, sometimes not working entirely, all they have to say is, "Hey, this feature you will work better," and I'd switch my four Blogger blogs over in a second. Instead, I worry that the e-mail feature will either be worse or not there at all.

I guess I could start a dummy blog in the new software, with a new Google sign-in, and test it. I just might do that. Eventually we'll all have to come overto Google's way of thinking. I just wish it wasn't so lipstick-on-a-pig bereft of real improvements that bloggers want and need.

I admit that the ability to create categories for posts is enticing, but I could care less about all the privacy features, which I find intriguing and which probably are of use to some. But most bloggers, me included, are inviting the world to read and comment, so that's the furthest thing from our minds.

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