Monday, December 18, 2006

Netscape 4.78 still the e-mail champion

    I'll have to start testing these e-mail clients with a service other than DSL Extreme  just to make sure it's a universal thing that JUST ABOUT EVERY E-MAIL CLIENT THAT RUNS ON SYSTEM 7.6.1 DOESN'T WORK.

I thought I was getting somewhere with Claris E-Mailer Lite and Eudora 3.1.3 when I found some hints on the Web about how to configure them, but so far I can get them to receive e-mail but not send it . I'm disappointed because Netscape 4.78 is pretty slow, although it has worked on e-mail and newsgroups from the very time I began the This Old Mac project (it was already on the hard drive).

And today I also learned that the Microsoft page that purports to offer Outlook Express 4.5 and IE 4.5 (the latter of which I don't need) leads to nowhere. As I said, I do have a CD with Office 98 on it, and I'm not sure which version(s) of Outlook is on there, but I'll have to get the CD drive into the Powerbook 1400 and try it out. ... Outlook Express, you're my only hope.

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