Monday, December 18, 2006

The OS and browser profile of This Old Mac

It's right here.

Briefly, 54.85 percent of visitors are using Windows XP, 36.19 using OS X.

The classic Mac OS accounts for 3.73 percent of visits, with 3.17 percent for Windows 2000 (which I have running on This Old PC), 1.12 percent for Linux, 0.56 percent for Windows 98, and 0.37 percent for Windows Me.

As far as browers go, 41.6 percent are using IE 6 (I'm using it right now), 25.93 percent are on Safari (that's a lot higher than I figured), 25.56 percent on Mozilla -- I'm assuming that means Firefox -- and yes, Safari nudges it out by a nose. Filling out the list: 0.56 percent on Netscape 7 , 0.93 percent on Netscape 4, 0.19 percent on Netscape 2 (holy cow! -- the Java errors drive me mad), a measly 1.68 percent on IE 5 (I guess everybody on Windows has gone to IE 6), 0.37 percent on IE 4, and 1.31 percent on AOL (what, AOL still has a browser?). Add to that 1.87 percent "unknown."

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