Sunday, December 10, 2006

If there was any way to send POP mail besides Netscape

with System 7.6.1, I'd be doing it. I don't know the history of mail servers and protocals on the Internet, and perhaps I should look into it, but it seems that the handling of e-mail has changed enough since the early '90s to render every mode of sending through client software available in this Mac OS (with the exception of Netscape 4) obsolete.

Among the unlucky losers: Netscape 2 and 3, Eudora Light, Claris E-Mailer -- all which would be faster than Netscape 4.78, if they only worked.

I think one of those old Netscapes will read and write Usenet news (the only reason not to delete them wholesale, though even that's not much of a justification).

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