Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wireless Powerbook 1400 update

I installed the software and the card (it's a tight fit with the PowerPort Platinum 28.8 modem/10Base-T Ethernet card in the lower PCMCIA slot, the Orinoco Silver wireless card in the upper).

The only online guide to configuring the software is for version 7 (which doesn't work on System 7.6.1), so for version 6 of the WaveLan wireless software, which is available from System 7 Today, I pretty much had to follow Dan Palka's instructions for using the Internet of a wired OS X computer via wireless (which is cool -- you don't even need a router).

Since there's no Wi-Fi in the room where I am at the moment, I had to be satisfied with getting blinking lights on the Orinoco Silver card, which I did finally by setting up a new configuration in the TCP/IP control panel, setting it for "Ethernet Slot O," and selecting the same in the AppleTalk control panel. At least in Open Transport (as opposed to MacTCP) you can have multiple configurations and switch between them without restarting the computer. So ... theoretically ... I should be able to switch between Ethernet and 802.11b networking through the TCP/IP control panel.

One potential problem: when clicking on the desktop icon for the wireless card, you get relevant info for choosing a network and setting up encryption ... unless you have both the wireless card and Ethernet/modem cards plugged in. In that case, clicking on either card brings up the PowerPort Platinum info. So does it work? Well, I'm getting blinking lights, so I have to plug in the router at home and test it under those conditions.

Nothing's easy, that's for sure.

In other news, I'm downloading Netscape 4.8, an 11 MB download that's taking about an hour and a half. I'd love for 4.8 to play better with the PowerPC processor and be faster than 4.78 ... but I'm not holding my breath. And it's probably time to delete Netscape 2 and 3. I think they both will receive e-mail but not send it, and while they are quicker for newsgroups, they won't work offline, and I'm pretty happy using Google Groups for that task (though I haven't checked whether Google is ending support for IE5).

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